About Us

  • Over its many years of service, the association has fostered an excellent relationship with all the Commissioners of Agriculture and their staff members.
  • Our Legislative Committee has been involved in the laws that govern this industry to continue a better relationship with the industry and the customer.
  • The association has developed a relationship with our land-grant college, Auburn University, in the training and development of new techniques in the industry.
  • The association’s members comprise over 85% of the licensed pest control operators in the state.
  • The association has ten directors who represent five regions, involving large and small pest control operators. This makes us representative, not only of the region, but of the industry as a whole.
  • Our Executive Board includes President, President-elect, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Past President. The board includes officers from companies of all sizes.
  • The association hosts two conventions each year, in addition to a five-city workshop throughout the state, which includes certification points for each of the meetings to update licensed operators.
  • The association is a member of the National Pest Control state forum and the Alabama Business Council.
  • In summary, the Alabama Pest Control Association assists the individual Pest Control Operator in many technical aspects of the industry, and keeps the Operators informed about the latest business matters.

Alabama Pest Control Association was formed in 1947 to bring unity to a new industry dedicated to the health of our customers. The association’s mission was to train this industry in pest control chemicals and the techniques in which they were used.

The association was founded with the highest code of ethics, which demanded safety both of the customers and the pest operators. These standards have been upheld through the years, with advancements in training, chemicals, equipment, and safety. These techniques are changing every day with newer developments and technology.

Code of Ethics

Relation of Member to Public
The member, in his advertisements or other solicitations of business, shall not use tricky, fraudulent, or misleading wording or methods.

Relation of Member to Client
The member shall thoroughly analyze the requirements of his clients, and shall conscientiously recommend the means best suited for the clients’ needs.

Professional Services
The member, upon accepting a contract or service agreement, shall render skilled, intelligent, and conscientious service.

Relation of Member to Competitor
The member shall not publicly criticize the business or private affairs of a competitor.

Relation of Member to Association
The member shall be loyal to the principles of the association and active in its advancement